Twist It Up

If you are looking for a beautiful twisted hairstyle, get your hair twisted by Harlem's top hairstylists at Harlem Natural Hair Salon

Twist Near Harlem in New York
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Twisted hairstyles add elegance to your style

Twist Near Harlem in New York

Regardless of the type of twisted style you choose, they have the versatility of being both casual and elegant. Use your own hair or extensions, your options are endless. There are many variations of twisted hair styles and the difference is in the type of hair used. Choose wavy hair for Passion Twists, or kinky hair for Kinky Twists, or braiding hair for the very sleek Senegalese twists. Twisted styles are a wonderful protective style as you can generally keep them for 4-6 weeks.
If you are looking for a wonderful twisted hairstyle in Harlem, New York, don't go anywhere other than Harlem Natural Hair Salon. You will be so glad that you did!

Add Pizazz To Your Style With Twists

There are so many beautiful twisted hairstyles trending today. Twists offer you the versatility of a style that can go from casual to elegant. Twist with your own hair or add extension hair for volume, length, and flair.

Twists Without Extensions

Protect your natural hair by Twisting it into a style that will last 2-4 Weeks

Twists With Extensions

Our expert helps you achieve the two-strand twist during this service by adding hair extensions. It is the perfect twist service to add extra length to the natural hair and twist it for a trending look.

Passion Twists
Senegalese Twists
Kinky Twists
Spring Twists

And more are being invented each day.

Dazzling & Elegant Twists That Add Magic To Your Natural Hair

3-Step Process To Book Your Twists Appointment With Us

Imagine you decided to get the best hair twist in New York but couldn't find an appointment on time. It simply hurts and spoils your hair twist goals. Harlem Natural Hair offers you a quick and super convenient online booking process that involves only three steps:

Decide What You Need

There are so many beautiful twisted styles to choose from. Decide which one suits you best and give us a call if you need help deciding.

Book Your Appointment

Book your appointment online or give us a call and we will assist you.

Enjoy The Service

After getting an appointment confirmation, visit our salon and enjoy the best hair twist near Harlem in relaxation mode.

Looks super-easy? Schedule your appointment with us and let us give you a trending twisted hair style in New York.

Best Twist Near Harlem
best Curly Hair Styles

Trust Harlem Natural Hair For Getting Top-Notch Hair Twists Near Harlem, New York

Best Twist Near Harlem

Are you struggling to get the natural twist near Harlem? Don't go anywhere other than Harlem Natural Hair, the #1 hair salon for getting hair twists in New York. Whether you need a twist without extensions or a style with extensions our team of skilled hairstylists will meet all of your needs.
Our seasoned specialists will take great care of your natural hair while installing the twists. We assure you that the quality results will exceed your expectations. Here are the reasons for choosing us:

  • Skilled hair stylists
  • Simple online booking process
  • We can execute just about my style

Choose the best hair twists near Harlem that magically transforms your hair. Trust Harlem Natural Hair for natural twists in New York.

Frequently Asked Questions


Twists are a great protective style and  promote the natural growth of the hair. Getting a twisted style from a professional is advised to avoid any damage to the hair. To get a natural twist near Harlem, contact us now!


On average, twisted styles last 2-8 weeks, depending on the twists you get and personal care. A professional hair stylist can provide more information on twist service in New York.


Yes, we provide the loc twist service Contact us now to get the natural loc twist in Harlem, New York!