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Yes, we do locs! And, we do them well! Whether you are locking your hair for the first time, retwisting your existing locs , or in desperate need of repairs, we have you covered! We’re also experts with Interlocs, Instant Locs, and Sister Locs.

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Add volume, add texture, add length, protect your hair. Whatever you desire, our experienced stylists can create a look for you that is so natural looking, no one will believe it is not yours!

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Braids & Twists

From knotless box braids, to simple cornrows, we can do any style you desire. We also take tremendous care to ensure that your hair is not pulled tightly. We care about your edges!

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Straight Hair Styles

Caring for your natural hair is our primary goal.

You CAN be natural and wear straight styles. We do amazing silk presses! Silk presses are just a style, however, and your hair will revert right back to natural as soon as it is exposed to moisture – be it humidity, sweat, rain, or the shower. We take great care to use heat protectants so that your hair is not heat damaged.

If you want a straight style that lasts a little longer, you can opt for a temporary straightening system. The temporary straightening elongates your hair through approximately 12 washes. Eventually wearing off and allowing your hair to revert to its natural state.

If you want a permanent straightened style, we can apply chemicals but only to healthy hair. And, we will work with you to maintain the health of your hair.

Our specialists will consult with you on the best options for the look you want to achieve.

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Children's Hair Styling

A child’s hair requires very gentle methods of styling.

We love children! And, we are super gentle and patient. But, we also want to make sure that your child is ready to be in a salon as we do not want to have them associate getting their hair done with a traumatic experience. If your child is not ready to have their hair washed or combed or styled by a stranger, let’s wait awhile.

Children under the age of 8 must have an adult to accompany them for the appointment. Your child should be salon-ready by the time of their appointment.  In most cases, children’s’ hairstyles are not priced any differently than adults.

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Basic shampoo and Conditioning

Healthy hair care begins with an exfoliating cleanse to remove product build up followed by a conditioner to add moisture to your hair.  For especially dry hair, you might opt for a deep conditioning treatment.  All hair styles include a shampoo and conditioner.

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Cuts & Colors

Cuts and color are add on services and cannot be booked independent of a style service.

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Curly Styles

When you want to embrace your ringlets, we can help enhance that natural style! Curly hair can be unpredictable, but that is exactly what makes it so much fun.

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