Obtain Sleek Hair With Professional Hair Straightening In New York

Get silky, smooth straight hair with Harlem Natural Hair. Turn every head as you walk through the street with our hair straightening in New York.

Straight Hairstyles near me
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Get Straight Hair Without The Hassle With Us

Straight Hairstyles near me

If you desire to have straight hair, Harlem Natural Hair offers the best temporary and permanent hair straightening in New York. At Harlem Natural Hair, we understand that hair straightening requires proper care and maintenance to keep your hair looking best. Therefore, we offer effective aftercare tips to help you maintain your straightened hair. Want to get sleek, smooth hair?

From Silk Presses To Temporary Straightening Systems, We Have You Covered!

We offer professional and customized hair straightening services at Harlem Natural Hair, leaving your hair smooth, sleek, and glossy. Our experienced stylists use high-quality products and tools to straighten your hair safely and effectively. Let’s explore our hair straightening services below:

Silk Press

Our silk press, a non-chemical hair straightening service, will instantly help you achieve silky, smooth, and glossy hair.

Temporary Straightening

With our temporary hair straightening in New York, you can keep your hair straight for 12-13 washes.

Finger Waves

Want to obtain a unique and classic look? Our finger waves will give you sleek and structured wave patterns, providing you with a vintage look. Hair must be straight to achieve finger waves.

hairst raightening in new york

Slay With Grace And Confidence With Sleek And Chick Straight-Hair

We offer affordable hair straightening services at Harlem Natural Hair, catering to clients’ needs. Want to know the price?

hairst raightening in new york
best Curly Hair Styles

Why Trust Harlem Natural Hair For Hair Straightening In Harlem, NYC?

hairst raightening in new york

Are you looking for the best hair straightening in Harlem, NYC? Harlem Natural Hair should be your go-to destination. We provide the best temporary and permanent hair straightening services in New York. Our primary goal is to ensure the beauty of our client’s hair while utilizing advanced hair products and tools. Additionally, our hair straightening experts are skilled in an array of hair straightening techniques catering to your hair type and needs. Our experts are dedicated to making your hair straight, lustrous, and smooth to the touch. You can count on us for the following:

  • Free hair consultation
  • Multiple hair straightening methods
  • Customized hair straightening treatments
  • Licensed & certified hair salon

Have any queries? Do you want to know more about our hair straightening near New York? Call Harlem Natural Hair salon at (212) 694-6593.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does permanent hair straightening last?

Permanent hair straightening is permanent. If you want to revert to natural hair styling, you will have to cut away the permanently straightened hair.

Why should I get my hair straightening done at the salon?

Getting hair straightening done at a salon is safer and provides more consistent results. At Harlem Natural Hair Salon, our professionals use quality products to straighten your hair.

Which is a good hair straightening method, temporary or permanent?

It depends upon the needs and requirements of the person. If you are looking for a temporary solution and want to maintain your natural curl pattern, you will want to use a temporary solution like a silk press or temporary straightening system. Some people do