Getting your tresses colored feels great, but what about its aftercare? Many people get their hair colored but fail to maintain it, which leads to frizzy and damaged hair. If you have colored your hair and are puzzling about how to maintain your beautiful color and the health of your hair, you’re at the right place. 

A proper maintenance routine helps to retain long-lasting results. Whether you are opting for a full head color change, highlights or balayage, it is crucial to protect your colored strands with an effective hair routine. Even if you use the best hair dye, routine care is still needed to preserve the shades for longer. Are you wondering about aftercare for your hair color and how to keep the same radiant look you achieved at the salon? Read this blog to unlock ideas. 

Effective Tips To Protect Your Dyed Hair

Many hair dyes leave the hair dry and prone to breakage if not treated. So, the right hair care will help you avoid such consequences and does not require shelling out a lot of money. Here are the best suggestive tips you can follow for DIY care to protect your freshly dyed hair:

#Don’t Wash Hair Immediately

It is suggested to avoid washing your newly dyed hair for at least 48-72 hours after your salon visit. It takes time for the hair to preserve the color extracts, so washing it immediately will increase the risk of fading. 

#Use Conditioner 

A myth is that using conditioner after shampoo is unsafe for dyed hair and causes the color to fade. In reality, conditioners help seal cuticles, lock moisture, and make hair look more luxurious and shiny. When you use quality hair dye, conditioners enhance its quality.

#Avoid Long Showers

Wetting your dyed hair in long showers will increase the risk of fading color. So, it is advisable to cover your hair when taking showers or if in a steam bath.

#Use Low Sulphate Shampoo

Regularly using sulphate based shampoos may strip away moisture and nutrients from hair, making it brittle. Eventually, you will lose color and your hair may experience breakage. To  ensure that you are giving your hair the best of care, use a good quality hair dye and maintain your hair with a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner to keep the shine intact.

#Heat Protection Gel Or Sprays 

If you frequently style your hair with heating tools, the heat can damage your dyed hair. To protect your hair, you can use heat protection gel and sprays to lock moisture and reduce the damaging effect of heat on your hair. 

#Try Conditioning Hair Masks

We love masks!  The deep conditioning effects of a good mask can help colored strands preserve the natural shine of hair for a long while. For your at home care,  add hair masks to your hair care routine for healthier growth and healthy maintenance. 

#Limit UV Exposure

Ultraviolet radiation affects your hair coloring results, and too much exposure can break down color and reduce toner molecules that fade out the colors. Dyed hair is more prone to lipid hair damage and dehydration. So, when you are out in the sun, wear a head covering or sit under an umbrella on the beach.

#Avoid Chlorine Water 

We know that chlorine can certainly dry your skin and hair with too much exposure but, if you are a swimmer, we don’t want you to forgo the health benefits of swimming.  Do protect your dyed hair by wearing a swim cap, immediately rinsing your hair after a swim, avoiding swimming for longer hours and completely avoid chlorinated pools immediately after coloring your hair.

These are our top suggested hair coloring tips that we want you to follow to lock in your dyed hair’s shine and luster. Additionally, you should use only the best hair dye from premium brands to achieve the best results.

Consult Hair Experts For Maintenance Tips!

In addition to the above hair coloring tips, you can contact our expert hair colorists for maintenance guidance. They have expertise and years of experience in handling all hair textures and know how to achieve the perfect color for your makeover or highlights.  We use only high-quality hair colors to ensure that your hair is protected and that you get amazing results. 

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1- Is it safe to color my hair or will it cause any damage?

Yes, hair coloring is safe and does not have to be damaging to your hair.  But,  you must follow a healthy hair care routine and visit a reliable salon, to avoid negative consequences.

2- Can hair coloring cause premature graying?

No, there is no evidence that hair coloring can directly lead to premature gray; it is only a myth. Graying depends on genetic and other factors like age and stress.

3 – Does hair coloring yield permanent or temporary results?

You can apply permanent and temporary hair color depending on how permanent you want the results and the condition of your hair. Permanent hair color penetrates the hair cuticle, altering the structure of the hair shaft in order for the color to be locked in permanently. Semi-permanent color, however, is deposited on the outside of the hair shaft and does not lock the color into place making the results temporary.

4 – Is hair oil an effective way to protect my dyed hair?

Oiling your hair and scalp can effectively protect hair follicles from getting damaged and help preserve hair color.

5 – What are the popular hair coloring techniques and styles?

It REALLY depends on the look you want to achieve.  We always encourage clients to take inspo pics with them to their color consultation so that the colorist gets an idea of the shades and tones that appeal to you. For example, all Blues are not the same.   You can have navy blue, baby blue, acqua, etc.  Some popular hair coloring techniques for achieving a little drama without coloring your entire head from root to end are Balayage, Ombre, Sombre, Highlights, Lowlights, and Babylights.

6 – What products are recommended for color treated hair?

Shampoos and conditioners that help to restore the bonds in your hair are good to use after coloring your hair and especially if your new color is lighter than your natural color.  Great bonding products that we recommend are in the Olaplex and K18 lines.