Define Your Curls With The Best Curly Hair Salon In New York

Got curls? If you want to define the curls you were born with, Harlem Natural Hair, the best curly hair salon in New York, is here to help. From frizz to fabulous, unlock your curls’ beauty with us! Let us show you how.

Curly Hair Styles for women
best Curly Hair Styles

Elevate Your Curls With Harlem Natural Hair

Curly Hair Styles for women

If you have curls and are struggling to find a cut and style that truly highlights the best features of curly hair, Harlem Natural Hair, a prominent curly hair salon near New York, is here to help.
We are a team of professional hair stylists who focus on enhancing your curls by creating a custom curl cut just for you. Our eco-friendly salon prioritizes enhancing curly hair to empower the curly community to live their best curl lives. Our team has had specialized training in dealing with curly of all types. Want to flaunt those luscious, voluptuous curls of yours?

Professional Curly Hair Services In New York City

Curls are captivating. Thanks to the professional curly hair services offered by Harlem Natural Hair, the best natural curly hair salon in Harlem, NYC, you can keep your curls healthy and good-looking.


Coils are a great way to form a curl pattern that will last for a few weeks with very little maintenance. Coils are best for curly hair that is short to medium length. Our curly hair specialists can help you determine if coils are a great option for you.

Rod Sets

From tight curls to loose bouncy curls, rod sets are a great way to create a curly style that will last a couple of weeks with very little maintenance. Our professionals use perm rods. Our professionals use perm rods and flexy rods to create beautiful curly hairstyles.

Twist Outs

Bored of monotonous curls? Give them some twist. It is a perfect natural hairstyle to achieve gorgeous curls. The process involves dividing the hair into sections, twisting the sections, allowing them to dry & set, and finally unravelling them to get the desired wavy curls.

curly hair salon in new york

Rule The World With Your Curls!

Whether you want to cut or style your curls, we're waiting to hear from you!

curly hair salon in new york
best Curly Hair Styles

Harlem Natural Hair - Your Destination To Discover Curl Magic

curly hair salon in new york

Are you on the lookout for a prominent curly hair salon near New York? End your search with Harlem Natural Hair. We specialize in every curl type and have a team of experienced hair stylists. Apart from offering hair curl services, we also give aftercare tips on styling your curls and keeping them maintained. We have years of experience in this field, making us the best curly hair salon in New York. You can trust us with the following:

  • Expert assistance
  • All types of curl services
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Use of quality products

What are you waiting for? Don't you want to unleash your inner curls' beauty? Hurry! Speak to our expert stylist today at (212) 694-6593.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare my curly hair for a salon visit?

Your hair should be detangled. Cleanse your hair of heavy oils and styling products before visiting the salon.

What makes your salon different from others?

Our unique techniques, approaches, and products set us apart from other curly hair salons in New York. Hair health and style is our top priority.

How frequently should I get my hair trimmed?

In order to keep your hair healthy. we recommend trimming your hair every 6-8 weeks. Cutting or trimming curls will promote hair growth. Book your appointment with us.

What curly hair services do you offer?

At Harlem Natural Hair, we offer different types of curly hair services to help you achieve a unique look while maintaining the health of your hair.

Which is the best natural curly hair salon in Harlem, NYC?

Harlem Natural Hair is a prominent hair salon offering unmatched tailored curly hair services catering to the customers’ needs. Our services are affordable and focus on achieving 100% customer satisfaction.