Summer vibes or winter chic braids slay all year long!

Box Braids, Goddess Box Braids, Braided Ponytails, and French braids are just a few of the braid hairstyles for natural hair that not only give you an elegant look but also give you a look that can go from casual to professional without changing your style.  What makes braided hairstyles special is the freedom to experiment with endless styles while giving your natural hair a break. There are hundreds of unique styles to choose from. Moreover, braided hairstyles can be easily maintained and are quite resilient to the varying weather and vacation conditions, and sleeping habits that often require us to protect our hair. Whether you’re looking for a chic updo or a playful twist to your everyday look, we have picked the most-loved braided hairstyles for natural hair to inspire your next transformation. Just make sure that any braid style that you get is not braided too tightly at the roots.  If you ever feel pain, it is best to take the braids out before any damage is caused.  To get the best braids that protect your natural hair in NYC, contact Harlem Natural Hair.

Great Braid Hairstyles For Natural Hair

What’s the best hairstyle for you? Take inspiration from the following list:

#1 Box Braids

 Box Braids

The cool thing about Box Braids is that they are unisex and are among the most popular braid hairstyles for natural hair. Use your own hair for versatile plaits, or, add extension hair for longer box braids to grace your shoulders, mid-back, waist, or longer.  Knotless box braids with extensions can give you a very carefree look that is perfect for the summer.   Contact Harlem Natural Hair Salon for the best box braid services in New York to give you an effortless transition between a casual summertime style to a professional and chic look.

#2 Cornrows


Cornrows are a timeless choice that offer various styles. You can choose styles that are tried and true, like straight back braids or invent your own unique style! Cornrows are braids woven close to the scalp. The part pattern can also be customized by you and your stylist. Cornrows can follow a straight or wavy pattern and you can even have intricate designs like diamonds and hearts that are guided by the parting style. Getting the kids ready for camp, your teens ready for prom, or planning summer getaway?  Don’t  wait. Choose a renowned hair stylist. Harlem Natural Hair is your one-stop solution, helping you achieve the desired look!

#3 Cornrow Pony

Cornrow Pony

Braiding styles can also be combined to create fun and unique looks. A very easy and elegant style is the braided ponytail, where a high ponytail is entirely crafted from braids. In this braid hairstyle, your hair will be cornrowed close to the scalp and the hair will extend into individual braids in your ponytail.. This style can be achieved with your natural hair but keep in mind that the final look will be determined by the length of your hair. Consider adding extensions to keep the cornrows neater and for extra length. 

#4 Senegalese Twists

Senegalese Twists

Senegalese twists are not braids but twist styles are as popular as braided styles so we decided to include them anyway. Beautiful Senegalese Twists are certainly stunning and will have people turning heads to admire you. To create this fun to wear style, a technique similar to Box Braids is used, with a slight twist (pun intended). Instead of creating a conventional three-strand braid, here you’ll be working with just two strands, leaving you with a collection of intertwined twists resembling elegant spiraling ropes.  Also, twists are twists.  To achieve Senegalese Twists, you will use braiding hair that gives the twists a sleeker look.  By varying the type of hair used, you can achieve different twists looks –  like kinky hair for kinky twists, or water wave hair for passion twists.  If you want to twist your hair, the stylists at Harlem Natural Hair Salon can help you to determine the type of hair that you will need and the amount of hair.

#5 French Braid

French Braid

Oh my, who doesn’t admire beautiful French Braids?  What makes French Braids different from regular cornrows? It’s in the direction of the twist. French braids twist the hair inward instead of outward while braiding, giving it an inverted appearance. Also, while regular cornrow styles typically include numerous braids, French braids are usually kept to a smaller number, often two or three. 

#6 Crown Braid

Crown Braid

Crown Braids are exquisite braid hairstyles for natural hair that give you a perfect touch of elegance and professionalism. These styles consist of a single braid that encircles your head, giving you a royal look. Usually this braid is made with extension hair but if your own hair is long, we can also hook up a crown braid using your natural hair.

#7 Braided Bob

Braided Bob

A braided bob is a really lovely style for hair that just graces the shoulder.   These natural hair braiding styles are for people who want a captivating hairstyle but want to keep the look of shorter hair. A braided bob is styled by creating box braids in a bob cut, ending at chin length, leaving you with a gorgeous hairstyle.  When using extensions, the hair will have to be burned on the ends to keep a consistent length for the bob.

#8 Braided Bun

Braided Bun

Like the Braided Ponytail, braided buns are another great braiding style that gives you a trendy and elegant look for work and play. To get these braid hairstyles you can either have a base of cornrows (like in the picture above)  or you take individual box braids, and twist into a single braid that is then used to  create a chignon at the base of your neck or top of your head. 

#9 Jumbo Pony Braid

Jumbo Pony Braid

Are you looking for a bolder look or a voluminous braid? The Jumbo Pony can be fun! This braid hairstyle is a great protective style for natural hair and will give you a stylish yet professional aesthetic. To create a Jumbo Pony Braid, a high ponytail is divided into sections. Then, each section is braided loosely. For a more polished finish, small sections are wrapped around the base of the ponytail..

#10 Fulani Braids

Fulani Braids

Fulani braids, or Native braids, are small to medium-sized cornrows that begin at the front of your head and gradually transition into individual box braids around the middle of your head and fall to the back and sides. This style is often embellished with beads at the ends, which allows you to play around with selecting the ideal bead shapes and colors to personalize this style to your liking.

#11 Braid-on-Braid


A braid-on-braid hairstyle is achieved by building upon a braided base style and intertwining the braids to create a unique look. This technique is particularly effective with finer box braids, adding intricacy and elegance to the overall appearance.

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