The emerging trend of African hair braiding styles put a broad focus on this traditional hairstyling. Apart from showcasing tribal pride and social standing, people wear this style to promote hair growth and scalp protection. From cornrows to micro braids, you can explore a range of braiding styles to find the ideal match for your hairstyle. Hair braiding provides a seamless transition that fits your hair length and textures well. 

You can consult expert stylists in NYC or Harlem Natural Hair Salon, who will help you find the ideal hairstyle that fits your preferences. If you want to ace your hair styling with braids, here is a detailed blog that enlists 10 African hair braiding styles that you must explore for a new look!

1 – Crochet Braids 

One of the popular African hair braiding styles to add double-layer protection with cornrow and tucked hair beneath. Crochet braids have been a popular protective style with versatile options to combine crochet with curly hair, straight, and Senegalese twists. You can even choose vibrant color shades for a better look. 

2 – Goddess Braids

This style predominantly rolled out as the classic African hair braiding styles and an advanced form of French braids. The formation is quite simple and does not put too much tension on hair and scalp like other braiding styles. Also, this supports creating an intricate pattern for a better traditional look! 

3 – Passion Twist 

Passion twist isn’t a new hairstyle; it is predominately popular among African hair braiding styles that blend with traditional box braids. This unique two-strand twist with loose ends using crochet needling techniques creates curly textured hair. Twisting natural hair with extensions will help create the best passion twists.

4 – Knotless Braids

In case your scalp feels too sensitive and does not stand for more tension, you can try knotless braids, which are among the top African hair braiding styles. It creates a more natural look by installing box braids around strands for a knotted effect. For Knotless braiding, stylists follow a secure braiding technique with a flat base that causes less tension in hair and scalp.

5 – Triangle Box Braids 

If you are bored of classic box braids and looking for better African hair braiding styles, triangle box braids are one of the best choices. Here, hair strand sections were parted in a way that formed a triangle braided shape with a flawless finish of your natural hair. People who are looking for a bold look prefer to go for this style.

6 – Cornrows 

Cornrows are famous traditionally for their three-strand braiding and come under African hair braiding styles. Here, braided hair is created close to the scalp following an upward motion to form continuously raised cornrows for natural hair. It is popular due to its low maintenance and versatile styling with different designs. 

7 – Ghana Braids 

One of the unique ranges of African hair braiding styles, the Ghana braid, is also known as the Banana braid. This style mainly follows the pattern of thick cornrows that can be styled with different designs and patterns. Using the intricate pattern of weaving hair, this adds more length and volume to your natural hair. 

8 – Micro Braids 

These micro braids create a magnificent look with small and delicate thin braiding that makes it stand out as an African hair braiding styles. People wear this style due to its lightweight and versatile styling flexibility, which causes no stress or tension for your natural hair. Micro braids can be enhanced with casual updos and braided pin curls, whatever style you prefer. 

9 – Braided Bob 

If you want to stick to traditional African hair braiding styles with a cool pattern preference, the Braided Bob is definitely the ultimate choice. Rather than long hair, this style is more suitable for shorter hair with the best shine and texture. The combination of a bob cut and braiding techniques brings on less stress of breakage. 

10 – Braided Pony 

Next, in the row for the best African hair braiding styles, we have braided ponytails that create a seamless look for casual and professional occasions. Here, the stylist will first cornrow your natural hair to the crown of your head and then secure a high ponytail hanging down all braids. 

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